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Many aircraft some famous and some rare gained a reputation for being difficult to fly and sometimes downright dangerous. This book looks at some of the worst culprits over a period spanning World War One to the age of supersonic flight. The following aircraft are included.BE.2 - The RFC went to war in it in 1914. The BE was easy to fly and very stable - but it was difficult to manoeuvre and very easy to shoot down. Tarrant Tabor - The Tabor was grotesque a massive misfit of an experimental bomber that predictably came to grief on its first flight. Avro Manchester - The twin-engined Manchester would fly all the way to Berlin and back - only to burst into flames over its own base. Messerschmitt Me 210 - The Me 210 was developed as a successor to Goering's Destroyer the Bf110. It was a disaster with a phenomenal accident rate. Martin B-26 Marauder - They called the B-26 the Widow-maker fast and powerful with some savage characteristics. Reichenberg IV - a manned version of the V-1 flying bomb was a desperation weapon its pilots intended to fly suicide missions against Allied shipping. Tu-144 - Rushed prematurely into its test programme to beat the Anglo-French Concorde the TU-144 was intended to be Russia's supersonic dream.