bedste kvalitet Rough Cut: Rosie Gilmour 6 (Paperback) by Smith Anna GJ9VOC1S

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Product Description:

When a young Pakistani bride falls to her death from a window Rosie has to navigate the story with care trying not to upset the girl's devastated family or the local Pakistani community. After talking to the family however Rosie becomes convinced that there is more to the story than a tragic accident and that something is being kept from her and the police. Meanwhile on the other side of Glasgow Nikki and Julie two prostitutes find themselves in trouble when a client dies during an assignment and it looks like one of them is to blame. Their problems become far worse though when a briefcase they steal from the dead man turns out to contain some very valuable rough diamonds and several fake passports. It's clear it belonged to some serious criminals and now they have much more to worry about than a dead body. Investigating the Pakistani girl's death Rosie has been talking to Laila another young girl from the community who has voiced her fears of being forced into marrying a much older man in Pakistan. When Laila disappears Rosie is sure her fears have been realised. Then Nikki contacts her asking for help and Rosie senses a parallel with her current case. Sure enough as Rosie flies to Pakistan to try and rescue Laila it becomes clear that the 'accidental' death Laila's disappearance and the briefcase are all linked - and once back in Glasgow she Julie and Nikki discover just how much danger they are in...