Tilføje Shield of the Jotunn (Doctor Who Main Range) (Audio CD) by Edginton Ian Baker Colin Raison Miranda Webster Tom Robertson Jamie Montague Martin nD4GW5lK

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The Sixth Doctor and new companion Constance Clarke encounter a bizarre and dangerous situation in America...2029 AD. In the desert of Arizona billionaire philanthropist Dr Hugo Macht is trying to save the world from climate change. But his great project to 'scrub the sky clean' with nanoatomic machines grinds to an unexpected halt when his diggers break into something unexpected: a Viking burial barrow containing eight corpses a mysterious shield an even more mysterious inscription...and a yet more mysterious traveller in time and space known only as the Doctor. And that's not even the strangest part of Dr Macht's day. Soon it'll begin to snow. Soon the Doctor and his girl Friday Mrs Constance Clarke will come face-to-face with an ancient horror in the blizzard. A Frost Giant in need of a new body. In need of flesh...Colin Baker stars as the Doctor a role he's been playing for Big Finish since 1999. New companion Constance Clarke is played by talented actress Miranda Raison a familiar face from British stage and screen including Spooks Poirot Merlin Doctor Who and 24: Live Another Day...Writer Ian Edginton is a well-known graphic novels writer including titles for 2000AD Judge Dredd and Warhammer 40000. CAST: Colin Baker (The Doctor) Miranda Raison (Constance Clarke) Michael J Shannon (Dr Hugo Macht) Nell Mooney (Professor Lisa Zetterling) James Caroll Jordan (Major Vincent Da Costa/Herger) Ryan Forde (Bryce/Talessh).