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Develop your students' understanding and skills step by step with Schools History Project's carefully planned approach to Key Stage 3. This textbook combines expertise in course planning with features that reflect the possibilities and requirements of the National Curriculum. It has everything you would expect from the Schools History Project including intriguing content in-depth historical investigation meaningful tasks and a wealth of source material. This second book in the series - a course for Year 8 - both continues the big stories of empire movement and settlement conflict power and everyday life and provides in-depth enquiries on the key aspects of early modern England industrialisation popular protest the Spanish Empires in the New World the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. - Help students develop their skills and improve their own performance with 'How to...' activities and the 'Doing History' feature. - Suit all abilities and interests with stimulating and worthwhile activities which cater to a wide range of learning styles. - Build the big pictures across Key Stage 3 with overviews and big stories which link the course together and develop students' conceptual frameworks. This Student's Book is supported by a Teacher's Resource Book and a Dynamic Learning resource which offers dozens of activities presentations ICT-based lesson sequences and hundreds of audio clips.