Mest moderne Dynamic Shipping and Port Development in the Globalized Economy: Volume 1: Applying Theory to Practice in Maritime Logistics (Hardcover) by Cullinane Professor Kevin 6ikgfNk2

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Product Description:

With the globalization of production and consumption shipping and ports play an increasingly vital part in facilitating the world-wide movement of cargoes. These industries are critically important for the smooth running of the global economy and the welfare of every citizen in the world. This two volume book presents an in-depth analysis of many of the most important issues facing today's shipping and port sectors. Contributed chapters come from some of the most respected maritime economists currently working in the field many of whom are government advisers that exert significant influence in national and international policy formulation. Authors come from every corner of the globe and the range of topics covered include the financing of ports governance structures in the maritime and transport arenas new trends in port development the emergence of the 'green' port concept and the impact of public policy on competition pricing and efficiency. Volume 1 of Dynamic Shipping and Port Development in the Globalized Economy focuses on the application of theory to practice in Maritime Logistics.