Meget holdbar Tails I Lose: The Compulsive Gambler Who Lost His Shirt for Good (Paperback) by Larcombe Justyn Rees wu9t0tLW

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Justyn Rees Larcombe had it all. Around his beautiful home were the mementoes of success - the Sword of Honour awarded by the Queen when he left Sandhurst; the silver photo frames with the pictures of his much loved wife and family; the rooms full of the rewards of a City career. But Justyn had a parallel life: he gambled. Gradually he allowed it to take over everything getting through a staggering three quarters of a million pounds - some his own money some his wife's an some belonging to the company he worked for. The crunch came: he lost his job; his wife left him taking his sons; and anything that could be sold was - and then gambled away again. One day he had no alternative but to go back to his mother's home and start again. Today Justyn has a high profile in the media talking about the dangers of gambling and helping others coping with gambling addiction.