Hurtig levering Teacher Toolkit: Helping You Survive Your First Five Years (Paperback) by McGill Ross Morrison pZNQEzRs

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Ross Morrison McGill aka @TeacherToolkit believes that becoming a teacher is one of the best decisions you will ever make but after more than two decades in the classroom he knows that it is not an easy journey

Packed with countless anecdotes from disastrous observations to marking in the broom cupboard TE@CHER TOOLKIT is a compendium of teaching strategies and advice which aims to motivate comfort amuse and above all reduce the workload of a new teacher. This beautiful high-spec paperback includes humorous illustrations photocopiable templates a new-look 5 minute plan QR codes to useful videos and flaps with a detachable bookmark. As anyone who has followed him on Twitter knows Ross is not afraid to share the highs and lows of his own successes and failures. He strives to share great teaching practice to save you time and to ensure you are the best teacher you can be whatever the new policy or framework. His eagerly-awaited new book continues in this vein and is a must-read for all new teachers. Vitruvian teaching will help you survive your first five years: Year 1: Be resilient (surviving your NQT year) Year 2: Be intelligent (refining your teaching) Year 3: Be innovative (take risks) Year 4: Be collaborative (share and work with others now your classroom practice is secure) Year 5: Be aspirational (moving towards middle leadership) Start working towards Vitruvian today.