Godt salg It's Game Time!: Games to Enhance Classroom Learning (Hardcover) by Rinaldi Nicholas J. McqwVtf5

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Successful teachers are typically capable of keeping their students actively involved but one way to guarantee students' attention is through the use of classroom games. Besides being a welcome change-of-pace to routine lessons games can be a lot of fun for both the students and the teacher. It's Game Time

: Games to Enhance Classroom Learning enables the teacher to decide when and how to use games to effectively complement their teaching philosophy and style to meet the needs of their students by providing over 40 games that can be used in any class at any level. Playing games in the classroom can *enhance learning by providing a non-tedious pleasant form of drill and practice *help the students to learn the course content *be useful in providing for individual differences *motivate students to improve study habits *relate course content to individual interests *give more students a chance to be successful *encourage cooperation among students *help promote student leadership