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Fully revised and updated the new edition of this handy pocketbook provides key advice for busy practitioners on the day-to-day aspects of using and applying the Mental Health Act. The busy practitioner will find this guide invaluable for quickly finding the information they need to set up undertake and complete an assessment under the Mental Health Act. The new edition features: up-to-date information reflecting the revised Mental Health Act Code of Practice Reference Guide and case law; new advice on integrating the concept of Deprivation of Liberty in decision making during Mental Health Act Assessments; points to watch out for when assessing homeless people and young people experiencing mental health problems; new guidance on joint working with the police particularly in relation to s135; an expanded chapter focusing on using compulsion in the community aimed at helping practitioners understand and use all available frameworks including the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS); and key points of law highlights from the Code of Practice checklists flow charts and reminders provide clear and unambiguous guidance throughout. This practical guide is not only suitable for new and experienced AMHPs but also health professionals the police and those considering studying for AMHP status. 'This book is an invaluable guide through the Mental Health Act Assessment maze. AMHPs and others will find the common issues and dilemmas (and many of the less common ones) discussed in a refreshingly straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. Claire's extensive AMHP experience leaps off the page...I unhesitatingly recommend it.' (Steve Benson AMHP Training Lead Bradford Council UK). 'I would wholeheartedly recommend this book as a useful resource not just for AMHPs but also for AMHP trainees social work and mental health nursing students nurses police service users and indeed anyone with a personal or professional interest in mental health and the Mental Health Act.' (Steve Matthews (The Masked AMHP) AMHP and Practice Consultant University of East Anglia UK). 'As both an AMHP and a lecturer on AMHP programmes I find this book essential. It provides a practical hands-on and grounded account of the various tasks and activities that you need to think about in practice. This second edition builds on and updates the first and maintains its practical approach. A vital addition to my AMHP bag.' (Daisy Bogg AMHP Associate Lecturer (Canterbury Christchurch AMHP Programme) and Visiting Fellow Bournemouth University UK (AMHP and BIA lecturer)).