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Tips for Better Planning teaches readers essential study skills to help them achieve their academic goals. It also gives advice on planning events and activities to help readers gain valuable life skills and build confidence in extra-curricular activities. Why plan? Becuase planning saves time puts you in control and helps you to achieve your goals. Tips for Better Planning starts at the beginning with why we need to plan and what to bear in mind when planning. It then looks at how to make sure your plan is working and solving problems along the way. From planning a school day a project or a test or simply your study workload there are tips and practical advice throughout. Also included is advice for planning outside school: saving money planning a party or event fundraising or a holiday. The Student's Toolbox teaches valuable life skills that readers will benefit from both in their school career and future life. The Student's Toolbox equips young people with the tools needed to further their studies and help them develop vital life skills from planning their timetables through to understanding how to deliver great speeches and presentations. From writing and researching through to planning and speaking discover how to improve the skills you need to be a grade A student. Other titles in the Student's Toolbox series include: Tips for Better Researching Tips for Better Writing Tips for Public Speaking and Tips for Better Planning.