2018 nye Eyes Wide Open: How to Make Smart Decisions in a Confusing World (Paperback) by Hertz Noreena sbLeOfIQ

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In a fast-moving world we're often overloaded with differing opinions conflicting data and changing advice. In this essential guide Noreena Hertz offers practical steps to how to make better smarter decisions. * Why should you be wary of experts? * Are emails destroying your ability to think? * How do you know which sources of information are credible? * Whose advice should you trust? 'Eyes Wide Open' will help you through the data deluge and show you how to make better and smarter decisions. By weaving together cutting-edge research with real-world examples from Hollywood to Harry Potter NASA to World War II spies Hertz constructs a path to more astute and empowered decision-making in ten clear steps. With razor-sharp insight and an instinct for thought-provoking storytelling she offers counterintuitive effective guidance for making better choices-whether you are a businessperson a professional a patient or a parent. 'Eyes Wide Open' is a game-changing book that empowers readers to become confident and wise decision-makers -savvy to how our emotions and habits can trip us up.